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Mouth to Anus Technology

This is not a joke! This technology already exists for over 5 years!

I came across this technology investigating wireless radio frequency camera technology a while back.

The M2A is developed by Given Imaging of Israel. It is a miniaturized endoscopic digestible capsule for diagnosis of disease about the size of a grape ( 26 x 11 mm). It weighs in at only 3.5 grams and contains a miniature color video camera with a 1:8 zoom which can display a 140 degree field of view. Included in the capsule are 4 light-emitting diodes, two silver oxide batteries, radio transmitter and an antenna. The capsule is coated by a smooth biocompatible surface that is resistant to digestive enzymes. The battery will last about 6-8 hours. Internal gastric images are transmitted to a walkman-sized receiver worn on a harness connected to the patients belt which then logs the images with a recorder. The capsule-sized unit provides real-time imaging as peristalsis drives it through the stomach and bowel, providing high-resolution color images while the patient is free to continue with normal daily activities. In the mean time everything is being recorded for later analysis. The data recorder is then returned to the physician at the end of the day for processing on a RAPID workstation. This allows them to view and analyze the Patient Rapid Report (PRR), which also caters for saving of individual images or short clips which can then be enriched with comments for consultation and reports.

This article was compiled from various resources to improve accuracy.

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